It is easy! Visit the agent page and complete the forms for a showcase

Please allow one week for the property to showcase on Preview of Home.

It is not necessary for you to be present as long as entry arrangements are made in advance.

We create videos for any licensed realtor.

No, only realtors can place a property on Preview of Homes

Please refer to the agent page for pricing and terms.

The standard run time is one minute, one time, for each
property per week. Larger homes and estates that require more
coverage can run past the standard one minute

Yes. Subdivisions, acreages, ranches, view lots, and planned
communities are also showcased on Preview of Homes. The
same rates and run times are applicable. Commercial
properties are not showcased.

Fitzsimmons Media – All production is accomplished in-house with a professional videographer, scriptwriter, editor, voiceover talent, and royalty-free music.

No, most videos do not have anyone on camera. The visual focus is on the home. Our in-house voice talent will do the voiceover.

Fitzsimmons Media’s in-house scriptwriter will pen a script with the information you provide. That is why it is important to completely fill out the order form and  Provide links to the MLS listing, flyers, open house information, etc