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We offer powerful real estate marketing solutions for you.

Since 1994, we’ve provided licensed real estate agents with quality, strong showcases to market their properties and themselves as agents. Our showcases aren’t virtual tours- they’re real videos that show off the best qualities of listed homes.

We video the property, write the script, record the voice-over, and handle all editing, music, and other aspects of video creation. We know you need quality work and that’s what we produce.

We also host the video on the Preview of Homes website and social media profiles, as well as posting it to numerous real estate company websites and the MLS. We also give you the link to the video to email to prospective buyers, embed on your own website and utilize it in as many ways as you can.

In addition to those services, we also feature the property on the Preview of Homes TV show with a viewing audience of 309,600 homes.

And our services aren’t limited to videos! Fitzsimmons Media can also provide agents and builders with the following services:

  • – POH Video Tours
  • – Lifestyle videos
  • – HDR photography
  • – Aerial photography and video
  • – Marketing packages
  • – Marketing videos to showcase subdivisions, agents, and builders
  • – 3-D interactive showcases

If you are working with a subdivision with preset floor plans, one video can be used for multiple properties fitting that layout. The possibilities are endless, pushing your marketing dollar even further!

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In addition to completing this form, it is vital that you email us any further listing information, existing flyers and promotional materials so that we have what we need to prepare the best narrative possible.

Terms & Conditions: The party who pays for these services hereby agrees to receive television exposure for their real estate clients based on the advertising rates selected above. Online submittable of payment is considered a valid contract and the number of showings selected must be run within 90-days of contract. A Realtor can run the same house/property for all showings or choose to run different houses/properties.

Our Viewers are Your Buyers
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“I absolutely love every time I see one of my new homes advertised on Preview of Homes. Tom does such a wonderful job with his style of filming. It’s very reassuring to know the public will see my home in the best light. The home shoppers always tell me they had to stop by after viewing the home on Tom’s show. Thanks Tom for all of your professional help throughout the past 8 years.”
- ERIC LEE, Image Homes