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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a property showcased on Preview Of Homes?

Licensed Realtors submit an order, which we review, then fulfill. See our “Agents” Page for the order form.

What is the Lead-time to get a home or property on Preview of Homes?

Please allow one-week for videotaping of the home or property. The faster we get information from you, the sooner the video can be aired.

Do I need to be at the house or property?

It is not necessary for you to be at the home as long as entry arrangements are made in advance.

Who can place a house or property on Preview of Homes?

We create videos for any licensed realtors.

Can a For Sale by Owner place a house or property on Preview of Homes?

No, only realtors can place a property on Preview of Homes.

What is the cost associated with showcasing a house or property on Preview of Homes?

Cost can fluctuate due to your needs, but the base package is $510 for the creation of a one-minute video, airing once. If you would like it to air on multiple showings, price-per-showing goes down. Larger homes that run past a minute will be custom quoted and priced accordingly.

How long is the house or property showcased?

Standard run time is one-minute, one time, for each property per week. Larger homes and estates that require more coverage can run past the standard one-minute.

Do you showcase other types of properties other than homes?

Yes. Subdivisions, acreages, ranches, view lots and planned communities are showcased on Preview of Homes. The same rates and run times are applicable. Commercial properties are not showcased.

Who does the videotaping?

All production aspects are done in-house, by Fitzsimmons Media. We write, produce, and edit every video with our state of the art equipment.

Am I on-camera and is my voice used?

No- Most videos do not have anyone on-camera; the visual focuses on the home. Our in-house voice talent will do the voice-overs.

Who writes the script?

Fitzsimmons media’s in-house script writer will pen a script with the information you provide. This is why it’s important to completely fill out the order form, and provide links to the MLS listing, flyers, open house information, etc.

What if I have more questions that have not been addressed here?


Our Viewers are Your Buyers
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“I first started using Preview of Homes in the mid 90's. My Broker at the time recommended and now that I am a Broker of my own Brokerage I recommend and use them.
Preview of Homes is a Great Marketing Tool and who doesn't want their home on TV??
I have sold many homes on Preview of Homes from the added exposure and wonderful pictures and videos that only Preview of homes can provide.
I recommend Preview of Homes to every agent I run across.”
- Stacey Budell, Broker, GRI - Idaho4Homes.com