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There are usually two things Preview of Homes gets compared to: Virtual Tours & Video Tour Companies

So, let’s see how Preview of Homes compares to each.

Virtual Tours

 No One “Spins” Unless They’re Drunk,
Playing “Pin The Tail On The Donkey”, OR BOTH!

“Virtual tours” are so popular today for one reason: Realtors® like them. Why? Because it seems to make their job easier.

“Hey Mr. Smith, I just finished marketing your property! You should get a lot of views with this one!”

Um… No.

Virtual tours are highly disappointing to buyers because they promise better info, but simply regurgitate what the buyer has already seen in the MLS listing.

And, worst of all, we’ve never heard a buyer say “Wow! That virtual tour was great! Let’s make an offer on this house right now!”

But you know what, we have seen buyers buy houses, sight-unseen, based solely on a Preview of Homes Video Tour. One case in point:

Thanks Tom.
We are under contract with a buyer
that has never seen the place.
Your video and aerial made the difference. 🙂
-Alan McRae
Idaho Farm and Home Real Estate

So, based on which medium helps you to actually sell your listing, Preview of Homes’ Video Tours gives you a clear advantage.

Video Tour Companies


Preview of Homes
Company A
Company B
Company C
Company D
Shoots Professional Level Video
Uses Aerial Drones for Unique Perspective
Always Available, Easily Accessible
Uploads Video to MLS
Offers Professional Voice-Over for All Videos
Features Video Tour on own website
Uploads Video Tour to Web 2.0 Video Hosting Sites with Optimized Description
Uses Professional Script Writers to Highlight Listing Amenities
Owned and Run by Licensed Real Estate Agent
Offers Complete Real Estate Marketing Services
Understands How to Properly and Expertly Market Your Listings
Has Experience with Full Spectrum of Real Estate Marketing
Uses exclusive proprietary marketing system to Free up Agent’s Time
Provides a Unique and Exclusive Form to Help You Harness Your Clients’ Knowledge of Their Home to Sell Your Listing

Though the names above have been changed for legal reasons, this table is accurate to the best of Preview of Homes’ knowledge as of July, 2016.

As you can see, Preview of Homes is in its own league when it comes to providing top shelf real estate marketing services to help you sell your listing ASAP!

Our Viewers are Your Buyers
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“I first started using Preview of Homes in the mid 90's. My Broker at the time recommended and now that I am a Broker of my own Brokerage I recommend and use them.
Preview of Homes is a Great Marketing Tool and who doesn't want their home on TV??
I have sold many homes on Preview of Homes from the added exposure and wonderful pictures and videos that only Preview of homes can provide.
I recommend Preview of Homes to every agent I run across.”
- Stacey Budell, Broker, GRI - Idaho4Homes.com